General:  The Bombay is a “black” cat, medium in size and muscular in development – neither compact nor rangy.  The coat is short and fine with a satin-like texture and a patent leather sheen.  Its head is pleasingly rounded with no sharp angles resulting in a full face with considerable breadth between the eyes.  In agreement with its solid black color, the nose leather and paw pads are also black.


Shape:  The head should be pleasingly rounded with no sharp angles.  The face should be full with considerable breadth between the eyes, tapering slightly to a short well-developed muzzle.  In profile, there should be a visible nose break; however, it should not present a “pugged” or “snubbed” look.  Chin:  Firm, neither receding nor protruding, reflecting a proper bite. 

Ears:  Medium in size and set well apart on a rounded skull; alert, tilting slightly forward; broad at the base and with slightly rounded tips. 

Eyes:  Set far apart with rounded aperture.  Eye color ranges from gold to copper, the greater depth and brilliance the better.


Body:  Medium in size, muscular in development, neither compact nor rangy.  Allowance is to be made for larger size in males. 

Legs:  In proportion to body and tail. 

Feet:  Five toes in front, four in back.  Tail:  Straight, medium in length; neither short nor “whippy”.


Texture:  Fine, short, satin-like texture; close-lying with a shimmering patent leather sheen.


Accepted color – Black.  The mature specimen should be black to the roots.  Kitten coats should darken and become more sleek with age.  Nose leather and paw pads – Black.

WITHHOLD: Kinked or abnormal tail.  Lockets or spots.  Incorrect number of toes.  Nose leather or paw pads other than black.  Green eyes.  Improper bite.  Extreme break that interferes with normal breathing and tear drainage.